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Mary Jane Humes


Hello I am Mary Jane Humes - bibliophile and now published author. I grew up without TV but with a lot of books! I love to read and I prefer hard copies to e-books, but that is just my personal preference. I love to write and am in the process of carving out more time to do so. When I am not writing, or working as a virtual assistant online, you can find probably me reading (surprise!) or doing something else other than cleaning my house!

Being a Christian, I write to encourage and instruct others in their daily Christian life. I dreamed of becoming an author but didn't know how or what to write about. But when I started to teach a child's Sunday school at my church and my teaching attracted an adult lady, I realized that there was a need for what I was teaching. At that time I was teaching about the life of King David from the Bible. I wanted to both teach about his life and also apply what the Bible said about him to modern day Christians.

Books by Mary Jane Humes

David's Faith by Mary Jane Humes. A 30 Day Women's Devotional Based on the Life of King David. Book cover
The life and adventures of David, who was Israel's greatest king, giant killer, warrior, fugitive, sweet psalmist of Israel, husband of many wives, father of several children, was also an adulterer and murderer. Most importantly David was described as a man after God's heart. The life of David is a great story. One lady today me, "Everyone loves David!" But as everything in the Bible, the recorded narrative of David is more than just a story, David is an example to Christians today, especially those who desire to be a man or a woman after God's heart.
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