David's Faith

A 30 Day Women's Devotional Based on the Life of King David

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David's Faith by Mary Jane Humes. A 30 Day Women's Devotional Based on the Life of King David. Book coverThe life and adventures of David, who was Israel's greatest king, giant killer, warrior, fugitive, sweet psalmist of Israel, husband of many wives, father of several children, was also an adulterer and murderer. Most importantly David was described as a man after God's heart. The life of David is a great story. One lady today me, "Everyone loves David!" But as everything in the Bible, the recorded narrative of David is more than just a story, David is an example to Christians today, especially those who desire to be a man or a woman after God's heart. This was what I wanted to convey in my book. So I  combined the biography of David as recorded to in Scripture, meditations on one of his Psalms, ponderings of a woman after God's heart, other related Scriptures, and a suggested prayer in an easy to read and understand Bible study/devotional format - one for each day of the month.

I wrote this as a 30-day devotional, and targeted it for women, but this book can easily be a part of a ladies' Bible study.


Author's Notes

Years ago I taught a Sunday School class on the life of David. I wanted both David and all of his friends, foes and his adventures to "come alive". But I also knew tried to apply the story of David to everyday practical Christian living. I developed the lessons by myself and after I was finished, realized that I could put my notes in a book format. I decided to do so as a 30 day devotional, especially for but not limited to women.

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