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Matt Dragovits


I am a nationally recognized video producer and author... as well as a kid-at-heart. I live in the Chicagoland area with my wife and three amazing children. When I'm not busy writing, directing, drawing, or editing, I am finding new and exciting ways to breathe life into my characters. The best way to create stories is to LIVE YOUR LIFE and bring your adventures, experience, and creativity to your pages!

Books by Matt Dragovits

Zach's Quest - A Tale for Christmas by Matt and Melanie Dragovits. Book cover
"Zach's Quest" is a timeless adventure that instills a positive message for both young and old. The story is about an overly inquisitive elf who has jeopardized the Christmas season. Santa sends Zach on a perilous quest to the peak of Mount Frostbite, where he must enlist the aid of an outcast goblin to retrieve a rare gem that will restore energy to Santa’s workshop.
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Fiction > Children
A Lethal Inheritance - Book cover
He was born the son of an assassin, trained in their lethal art, destined to become one of the ruling bodies of the future's ultimate crime syndicate. There was only one problem... he did not want it. Step into the futuristic world of genetically enhanced teenager Tyrus Blackwind and run alongside him as he fights for his life against his father's criminal legacy.
Fiction > Action & Adventure