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A Lethal Inheritance

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by Matt Dragovits  US United States

January 7, 2011   |    1,953 reads    |   0 comments

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A Lethal Inheritance - Book coverHe was born the son of an assassin, trained in their lethal art, destined to become one of the ruling bodies of the future's ultimate crime syndicate. There was only one problem... he did not want it. Step into the futuristic world of genetically enhanced teenager Tyrus Blackwind and run alongside him as he fights for his life against his father's criminal legacy.

This dynamic action novella sets itself apart from other comic-style scripts in that its primary focus is on the crisis of conscience a young moral character must overcome in order to deliver the necessary violence of street justice. Tyrus develops his lethal persona against the highly creative backdrop of a futuristic cityscape that is fraught with danger.

It is only through this adversity and pain that he evolves to overcome his “LETHAL INHERITANCE.”

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