Matt Hughes


Ethereal Visions Publishing recreates literary classics through the artistry of Matt Hughes. Beloved books become collectible editions that will pass along the magic of great literature and art for generations of your family.

Ethereal Visions Publishing emerged from the love of beautifully illustrated books.
The love of art coupled with the love of books was the spark which lit the fire of this company.

In our library, you will find books, card sets, bookplates, and journals that are pieces of art within themselves. They are treasures that will immerse you into a world filled with beauty, mystery, whimsy, and the macabre through breathtaking artwork.
We wanted to create something that added beauty, such as this, to the world.
With this in mind, we decided to create a business to publish collections worthy of any library - big or small.

Hope Hughes is the founder of Ethereal Visions Publishing, LLC. She pulls from the artists, stories, and myths she loves to inspire and create beautiful products.

Matt Hughes is the founding artist whose beautiful art breathes life into everything Ethereal Visions Publishing creates.

Books by Matt Hughes

Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, book by Matt Hughes. Book cover
What began as a competition amongst friends, lovers and Romantic poets resulted in a dream that inspired one of the classic novels of English literature. While traveling through Switzerland at the tender age of 18 with her future husband Percy Shelley and Lord Byron, Mary Shelley won the friendly competition to write the best horror story. Mary dreamt about a scientific experiment gone wrong at Germany’s Frankenstein castle, which she visited just days before, and the resulting story evolved into an iconic novel of the Romantic era.
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