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Maureen A. Ruhl


Maureen Ruhl is a former banker, businesswoman, writer, wife, mother, grandmother, sister and best friend. She loves painting, gardening, photography, and attending The Chapman Wordweavers Society writing group meetings with mentor Donna M. Kshir.

Books by Maureen A. Ruhl

Smoke and Mirrors by Maureen A. Ruhl. Book cover
I was approached by concerned citizens who heard rumors that a natural gas to electric power plant was coming to town. There were rumors throughout the community but only certain factions were available to the complete information and details of the project. The people who were in the know, were the project investors. They also put in place people who would see the project through to completion. But they did not anticipate a small group of town residents who actually would research the power plant and uncover small-town corruption, at many levels.
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