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Melissa McLaughlin


Melissa McLaughlin is a writer whose primary fields of interest include speculative fiction, magic realism, natural science, and anything that takes us away from the "here and now" or illuminates our human position in a fantastic way. Her collection includes short stories, poetry, and two novel length books. When she is not writing she is reading, teaching, or enjoying nature. Melissa lives with her family in a "cozy" apartment in southeastern Michigan.

Books by Melissa McLaughlin

El Monarca (book image did not load)
El Monarca is coming of age story in post-industrial America - where a child named Hannah grows amongst the tall swampy grasses of Michigan and watches as amber fields turn into condos and strip malls. She finds a friend, but friendships are fleeting. She meets a love, but love is often complicated. She sees America, but America is too often not what it seems to be.