El Monarca

El Monarca by Melissa McLaughlin, Book cover.

17 March, 2013

El Monarca is coming of age story in post-industrial America - where a child named Hannah grows amongst the tall swampy grasses of Michigan and watches as amber fields turn into condos and strip malls.  She finds a friend, but friendships are fleeting.  She meets a love, but love is often complicated.  She sees America, but America is too often not what it seems to be.  She meets a wizard and encounters the troll under the bridge . . . and she is tested. She is tested by the world and tested by herself.

This is a story of one girl’s struggle to interpret herself.  It is her quest to exercise “free will” in a society which worships commerce and the free market above all else.  El Monarca perhaps finally finds a long-awaited niche for “Generation X”.

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