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Melvin P. Tiley


Having taught history all his working life, it was hardly surprising that Melvin P. Tiley's first novel should be set during the turbulent times of the Elizabethan era. Now happily retired, Melvin plays golf (badly) and follows football (that's soccer in USA parlance). But his real passion is writing and a second novel is well on the way.

Books by Melvin P. Tiley

Time Stays For No Man by Melvin P. Tiley. Book cover
Elizabethan England is the setting for this story of espionage, love and betrayal. After a chance meeting in a tavern, two commoners, Tom and Edward, find themselves caught in a web of political intrigue. Secretary Walsingham is setting a trap to ensnare the Queen of Scots, but he is playing a dangerous game, for a would-be assassin is already in the country sworn to kill Queen Elizabeth. Matters are complicated by a brutal murder. Is it part of a Catholic Plot?
Fiction > Historical