"Walsingham will find out; it's his business to know everything." 

Elizabethan England is the setting for this story of espionage, love and betrayal. After a chance meeting in a tavern, two commoners, Tom and Edward, find themselves caught in a web of political intrigue.  Secretary Walsingham is setting a trap to ensnare the Queen of Scots, but he is playing a dangerous game, for a would-be assassin is already in the country sworn to kill Queen Elizabeth. Matters are complicated by a brutal murder. Is it part of a Catholic Plot?

Follow the gripping twists and turns of this Tudor mystery and romance, and discover the devastating truth.

Author's Notes

My inspiration for this novel came from teaching Year 8 students the Babington Plot. The children loved the topic so much we wrote and performed a play. From there on, the idea for the novel was firmly fixed in my mind, and the more I researched the topic, the more fascinated I became. The double-agents, the murky world of espionage, and Secretary Walsingham's intricate plan to entrap the Queen of Scots is bound to appeal to lovers of historical fiction.

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Genre: Fiction > Historical

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ISBN: 978183812370


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