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Michael Long


Michael Long is an author and divine healer Mike is the author of The Formless Substance-Igniting the Christ Consciousness. Long is a master spiritual coach and runs a unique seminar/retreat in his home state of Pennsylvania. In addition to his book and coaching, he has certified in NLP & EFT. Mike received his Ph.D in Holistic Healing h.c., and is a master teacher in Japanese Reiki. He is a member of the International Christian Coaching Association, International Association of Reiki Professionals and a Registered Healer with INHA.
Mike Long was born and raised in NY, and now lives with his wife and daughter in PA.

Books by Michael Long

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The Holy Spirit taught me how to gain spiritual worthiness and give glorification to God by using a ritual that would enable me to experience hunger, need, and gratitude. He taught me to face my inner demons and to accept responsibility for my actions. He encouraged me to go into the darkness of the jungle to face my fears.
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