The Formless Substance

Igniting the Christ Consciousness
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June 15, 2013

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Book Image Did Not Load!The Holy Spirit taught me how to gain spiritual worthiness and give glorification to God by using a ritual that would enable me to experience hunger, need, and gratitude. He taught me to face my inner demons and to accept responsibility for my actions.  He encouraged me to go into the darkness of the jungle to face my fears. He also urged me to face the evil that lurks in so many places in the  world—and within the spirit itself. It was only then that I realized that true manifestation required me to first seek God while simultaneously battling the terrible negativity of the fallen ones world and his false promises. 
- Mikes book, will explain to you how to activate your cells, and the very spirit that can change your life in an instant. By igniting your Christ Consciousness through awakening your true spirit, we can clear out the weeds of our kingdom, and invite the Holy Ghost, to super-charge our inherited powers of healing and effectual living. In his book, you will discover that Christ, gave us the real secret on how to work within the universal song. Mike shows us that we have been tricked, to leave true spirit behind and invite the "zombie effect" into our lives.
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