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Michelle Chang


Michelle Chang is a traveler, questioner, and introvert. She is passionate about cross-cultural exchange, the power of transformational travel, and the importance of intentional living.

Michelle and her husband quit their traditional jobs in 2011 and served as Peace Corps Volunteers in Jamaica. They have been location-independent digital nomads since 2014, running their freelance web services business while they explore new places.

Michelle's travel experiences include studying in Paris and Florence, two summer internships in the Dominican Republic, two years living in rural Jamaica, and long-term travels with her husband to over 20 countries.

Books by Michelle Chang

An Intentional Travelers Guide to Unconventional Budget Accommodations by Michelle Chang. Book cover
Budget travel beyond the hostel, with a fresh perspective on how to save your travel dollars. Crack the code to meaningful, impactful and low-cost trips by tackling one of the biggest trip expenses: lodging. Unconventional Budget Accommodations opens doors to more meaningful, transformational experiences with locals while saving money and allowing you to travel longer and dig deeper in each place. Skip the trial-and-error stage of unconventional budget accommodation strategies like work exchanges, house-sitting, homestays, and other travel hacks.
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