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Minghao Huang


Minghao (Michael) Huang, Ph.D., is the Founder & CEO of MacHMic(麥禾米)Network Tech., Institutional Entrepreneur, Writer, Husband, Father of two beloved daughters.

He graduated from Peking University and was awarded a Ph.D. degree by Seoul National University. He used to teach at Konkuk University and KyungHee University as an assistant professor, and, later, he went back to China to practice his main research topic: institutional entrepreneurship.

Books by Minghao Huang

The Art Of Life - Book cover
The Art Of Life: A Small Book That Can Change Your Life! Please Don't Miss The Chance! A Simple, Elegant, and Beautiful Pattern Help You Live A Happy And Meaningful Life! The art of life is of essential importance to every person no matter rich or poor, man or woman, old or young, west or east, because everyone wants to have a happy and meaningful life but in vain to achieve both at the same time.
Non Fiction