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Mit Sandru


Mit Sandru was born in the greater area of Transylvania in the last century, and he's not a vampire. He's always been an author, artist, and composer, although in his younger years he had to earn a living and raise a family. His previous career was in engineering, product development, marketing, and IT. Now he writes, paints and composes music full time.
Under Mit Sandru pen name he writes Science-Fiction, Fantasy, and Paranormal Thrillers. He paints in oil in the classical, surreal, and modern styles, and most of his music is of the New Age flavor.
He resides in California with his wife. They have two daughters and two grandsons.

Books by Mit Sandru

Vampires of Transylvania by Mit Sandru. Book cover
Cat Sanders has a simple task: spread Vlad V Draculesti’s ashes in Transylvania at midnight, during full moon. But it won’t be that simple. Vlad V, and Vlad the Impaler’s old vampire enemies abduct her and her Romanian friend, Dr. Tudor Lupu. While in captivity they discover the Vampire Queen’s proto-vampire and zombie army, which are held in hibernation to be used for mayhem and destruction whenever the queen so wishes.
Fiction > Horror & Paranormal
Vampire Slayers: Dead slayers tell no tales by Mit Sandru. Book cover
When Cat Sanders’ vampire great-great-grandfather, Vlad V Draculesti, bequeaths his fortune to her, she thinks the worst of her problems would be dealing with unscrupulous lawyers, greedy financiers and bankers, Wall Street shysters, corrupt politicians, devious conmen, and depraved socialites.
Fiction > Horror & Paranormal