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MK Alexander


M.K. Alexander is a 24 year old first time author residing in Penns Grove, NJ. Some of his earlier accomplishments include graduating with honors from Vineland Senior High School in 2008, attending the University of Hartford for Political Science, and joining the United States Navy under the Nuclear Power Program, where he served aboard the U.S.S. LHD-1 Wasp. M.K. is a driven individual with a love for history and a critical view of the world at large, particularly the social viewpoints of this day's generation. In his free time, M.K. is highly social with a throng of supportive friends and family. Some of his interests include Mixed Martial Arts, video gaming, professional wrestling, and watching popular crime dramas.

Books by MK Alexander

Illumination X (book) by MK Alexander
From first time author M.K. Alexander comes an epic that transcends everything you thought you knew about history itself! When a mythical relic with dangerous potential known as Soulbreaker is found after a near 2500 year absence, it sparks a frantic hunt between two prolific organizations ...
Fiction > Historical