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Illumination X

by MK Alexander  US United States

September 14, 2015   |    2,198 views    |   0 reviews / comments

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Illumination X (book) by MK AlexanderFrom first time author M.K. Alexander comes an epic that transcends everything you thought you knew about history itself! When a mythical relic with dangerous potential known as Soulbreaker is found after a near 2500 year absence, it sparks a frantic hunt between two prolific organizations, the illustrious Illuminati and the nihilistic Ut Puri, re-igniting an ancient feud that has existed since the beginning of civilization. Heading this search is none other than Raven Edge a.k.a Ryu Senko, the Illuminati's own Draco Exemplar, a powerful warrior with equally mystical powers as a member of the little known Sovrumano race. He, more than anyone else, knows the implications of Soulbreaker falling into the hands of Ut Puri- for the last time Ut Puri had access to the mythical weapon, it was used to slay none other than Achilles himself in the legendary Trojan War. It's a race against time as the search for Soulbreaker takes Raven and his Illuminati allies straight into the heart of the ancient world: from the solitary Isle of Rhodes to the port of Alexandria and beyond, it's the Illuminati's finest versus Ut Puri's strongest of warriors in the mighty Swiss Guardians.

With breathtaking displays of power wielded by the most skilled of warriors from both sides, can the Ryu Senko succeed in his search for Soulbreaker with the fate of the world at stake? Open your mind: the Illumination X Phenomenon has begun!


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