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Myrtle Brooks


As written beneath her yearbook photo, Class of 1970, the expressed lifetime goal of Myrtle Brooks, author of Songs to New York, The Geyser Girl of Yellowstone Park and the upcoming novel, Stories of the Mother Bear, is “to realize the love present in everything.” Maturity has taught her that this is a vision to share.
Watching The Wizard of Oz on television as a child, Myrtle always called the Emerald City home. Born in Manhattan, she spent her first two years in Jackson Heights, Queens, before moving upstate. The year 2018 marks the 27th anniversary of her return to New York City, and her 21st year in the same Brooklyn apartment underneath the “J” subway line. Many of the stories in Songs to New York are derived from her life experiences in “the city of miracles.”
When not at home, one might find her dancing with the big rigs on the interstate as she heads for national parks and places of quiet beauty.

Books by Myrtle Brooks

Songs to New York by Myrtle Brooks. Book cover
Songs to New York is Author Myrtle Brook's love affair with the Big Apple served in ten slices: literary fantasy short stories on extraordinary events occurring to everyday people in the five boroughs. "The Sanctity of the Mails:" observed in Heaven via the Brooklyn Post Office. A Staten Island-raised engineer who escapes city living, only to find the city inside himself. A Manhattan West Side cat who rides a bicycle, whose presence effects a transformation within his community.
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