Nathan Richard Simpson


Nathan Simpson is a simple man with dreams of sharing his stories with the world. He was raised in Auckland New Zealand, by loving Mother and Father who nurtured his creativity at a young age. He excelled at art and creative writing through school further spurring his future goals. Finally after working full time for many years, at the age of 24, his creative impulses matured and he began writing his first Novel. After one year of learning the ins and out of publishing, Nathan released his first book; Black Amber - A New Fate in late 2010. He currently lives in the busy land of Japan, and is hoping to further share his creation to the world.

Books by Nathan Richard Simpson

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Rickie and Tylor. Two brothers mysteriously find themselves in the strangest of lands after an unexplainable event in their home. And who was the mysterious grey-hooded stranger lurking in the twilight shadows of the garden just before their ordeal began?
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