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Black Amber - A New Fate

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April 16, 2013  |  2,340 views  |  3 reviews / comments

Black Amber - Book Image Did Not LoadRickie and Tylor. Two brothers mysteriously find themselves in the strangest of lands after an unexplainable event in their home. And who was the mysterious grey-hooded stranger lurking in the twilight shadows of the garden just before their ordeal began? 
Thrust into a timeless world for which they are ill prepared, the brothers become entangled with people, giants, orcs and other strange creatures – some set on helping and others set on harming them – in their quest to discover the way back home. With unexpected challenges, triumphs and tragedies along the way, they begin to discover the real cost of the evil Black Amber, the stone that gives unimaginable power, but demands a dreadful price from the brothers. 
Meanwhile, in the world they had suddenly left, explaining their disappearance becomes the quest of Samantha, their friend and confidante. The daughter of the policeman in charge of finding the missing brothers, she unearths a strange sequence of events, and meets an even stranger dying man, with access to amazing magic – yet he can’t control the rapid ageing process that is causing his death. How did this happen to him, and what has he got to do with the brothers? 
As Samantha searches to find her friends, they too search to find the answers. Join Rickie, Tylor and Samantha, as they begin their epic adventure in this first book of the Black Amber series.

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Nathan Simpson is a simple man with dreams of sharing his stories with the world. He was raised in Auckland New Zealand, by loving Mother and Father who nurtured his creativity at a young age. He excelled at art and creative writing through school further spurring his future goals. Finally after working full time for many years, at the age of 24, his creative impulses matured and he began...


I have recently contacted my publisher and they have offered me a deal to convert my book into an E-book for the convenience of people interested. The price is a little out of my Budget at the moment, due to my expensive life in Japan. But, I will keep updating this page and let you all know when and where it will be available. Thanks for your support.

I haven't thought about that yet. I guess that would be a really good idea huh? :) I will look into it and try to get back to you. Life in Japan is SUPER busy so, I apologies for the delay in my response and will try to get back to you soon.

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