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Nicholas Bogucki


Nicholas is a nerd at heart. His love for science fiction began at an early age, and since then he has fallen in love with the genre even more. His favorite science fiction movie is the Star Wars trilogy. (The original trilogy, which is arguably the best.)

When Nicholas isn't writing, he is hanging out with his wife and their two cats. He could be camping in the woods, though!

Books by Nicholas Bogucki

The Syndicate's Journey - Book cover
The Syndicate's Journey took me around 5 years to write and publish. I've been interested in science fiction since I was a child. I recall watching the original Star Wars trilogy on VHS in the early '90s and since then my love for the genre has grown. Over the years, science fiction has continued to flourish in my life and others as well. I wanted to write a story that in some ways gave a nod to Lucas' works that he created.
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