The Syndicate's Journey

The Syndicate's Journey by Nicholas Bogucki - Book cover.
Nicholas Bogucki

23 March, 2021

The Syndicate's Journey took me around 5 years to write and publish. I've been interested in science fiction since I was a child. I recall watching the original Star Wars trilogy on VHS in the early '90s and since then my love for the genre has grown. Over the years, science fiction has continued to flourish in my life and others as well. I wanted to write a story that in some ways gave a nod to Lucas' works that he created. I wanted to write about the advancements in the science of today and experiment with the idea of what may happen in the future.

Transhumanism started my journey as an author. Transhumanism is in the simplest explanation: the combination between man and machine. In the past decade, the trans-humanist movement has exploded. Neil Harbisson is the first person to be legally recognized as a cyborg, and because of him is what started my thought process of writing a novel about transhumanism.

Author's Notes

Science fiction has always been interesting to me. There have been many innovations in science fiction movies and literature that are now commonplace. For me to write about transhumanism is something that is rising and I believe that transhumanism will become normal in the future.

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Genre: Fiction > Science Fiction

ISBN: 978-1684336456


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