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Nick Nagatkin


I'm Nick Nagatkin, and I'm a professional business strategist.

My key helpers are strong technical backgrounds (Masters degree Software Engineering, and past experience of participating in over 200 IT projects);
- experience in building multiple successful IT products, including but not limited to the projects accomplished for such business giants as PwC, BlaBlaCar, Warner Bros., etc.;
- authorship of the methods and technologies of remote team setup and remote project management;
- experience in building a multimillion business developing IT products by means of remote teams;
- experience of successful management of remote teams consisting of up to 100 people.

Books by Nick Nagatkin

Agile Remote Software Development - Book cover
How to control the team scattered around the globe? How to establish trust between co-workers, if they can’t communicate face to face? How to spot the potential deceivers, and outsource the top talent for the position? These are all important concerns that every entrepreneur should be aware of.
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