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Agile Remote Software Development

A Practical Guide to the Galaxy of Augmented Staffing, Remote Teams and Other Scary Software Development Things

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June 17, 2020  |  790 views  |  0 reviews / comments

Agile Remote Software Development - Book coverHow to control the team scattered around the globe? How to establish trust between co-workers, if they can’t communicate face to face? How to spot the potential deceivers, and outsource the top talent for the position?
These are all important concerns that every entrepreneur should be aware of.

Fortunately, you now have the opportunity to learn from the best! With over 400 projects, and 6 years of practical experience under his belt, the author of this book is an established IT businessman that knows the secret for success!

Here’s what you’ll discover:
•    A step-by-step guide on how to assemble a great remote team
•    Managing strategies to help you fully control your employees
•    Techniques for ensuring and upgrading the quality of your product
•    Tips and tricks that will save you A TON OF MONEY
•    A practical guide for software developers on how to protect your business and spot scammers instantly
•    And much more!

About Nick Nagatkin

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I'm Nick Nagatkin, and I'm a professional business strategist. My key helpers are strong technical backgrounds (Masters degree Software Engineering, and past experience of participating in over 200 IT projects); - experience in building multiple successful IT products, including but not limited to the projects accomplished for such business giants as PwC, BlaBlaCar, Warner Bros., etc...

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