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Nicola Bagala


I used to think I’d be a hobby writer and professional scientist, but as it turns out, I’m now a science enthusiast working to make a career of his writing hobby. I was born and raised in Italy, but my inborn spirit of adventure brought me to Finland in 2007, where I currently live with my girlfriend (a video game programmer way nerdier than I). I have studied mathematics, physics, and computer science at the University of Helsinki, and one fine day—hopefully not too far in the future—I will complete my master’s degree.

When I’m not too busy writing, I like acting, drawing portraits and (pretending I know something about) playing piano.

My first book—The Fall of the Gods—was the kick-starter of my sci-fi series, The Elynx Saga.

Books by Nicola Bagala

The Fall of the Gods (book) by Nicola Bagala.
When new graduate Yuki Kashizawa moves to London for her PhD, she is certainly not expecting to be dragged into a mystery. At the Deverex Tower, an ultra-modern skyscraper and her new home, Yuki bumps into the extravagant Rupert Howards.