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Nicola Goldman


I am an aspiring author of books on psychology and personal relationships. I enjoy picking up quotes in which the secrets of being are revealed in many ways. Wise thoughts lead to musings on the value of life, personal relationships. Quotes my weakness and passion! How much I have discovered and understood life thanks to reading these expensive discoveries for myself.

Outstanding people who existed before and are now living side by side in dreams help and inspire with their fresh consideration. I work for you! To improve life principles and the very approach to life. Only positive thinking and striving for new and better things can make life more fulfilling, vivid and fruitful.

Books by Nicola Goldman

Best Quotes About Life 365 by Nicola Goldman. Book cover. Motivational Sayings to Inspire You to Be Successful.
365 Greatest Inspirational Quotes from famous people around the world. LIFE IS A GREAT GIFT! This book is the collection of most powerful words ever used by the greatest minds around the world. It contains the best of the wisdom they got during their lives. This book is for everyone, regardless of age, gender, career, position, or any other aspect of life. This book contains thoughts of great people about life values, success and human abilities.
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