N.R. Lovitt

Author, Novelist
United States


I used to be crazy about gymnastics, and I still am. My love started when I first saw wrestling. Jumping off the ropes always looked fun as a kid. My cousin used to let me jump off the dresser, fly across the room, and land onto his stomach. Don't worry, his stomach was well guarded by heaps of flesh. Lately, I haven't had much practice to do gymnastics anymore. I was really good in my heyday. I could do double backflips on trampolines and full twists on floor. Then I blew out my knee. Yeah. That sucked. But if that didn't happen, I would've never completed my goals. I like to think the things I lost in my recovery were traded for a hunger in writing... and chocolate graham cookies.

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Magoch: Young and Lost in a New Era by N.R. Lovitt - book cover.
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