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Young and Lost in a New Era
Book by N.R. Lovitt

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September 30, 2018  |  960 views  |  0 reviews / comments

Magoch: Young and Lost in a New Era - Book coverWhen Ezreth, an old world mage, awakens, he steals an ancient book and causes a magical event that strips the modern world of its normality, leaving the citizens of Kale to deal with the dangers of living in a world ripe with magic. After doing so, his magic interests a wealthy historian child named Ms. Vulpine, who seeks to discover why his abilities are similar to hers. Ms. Vulpine’s need to learn about Ezreth’s magical past puts her well-kept secrets at risk as she tries to find him before the government or anyone else does. Meanwhile, Chip, an indecisive loner in high school, receives the gift of magic and a new, dark, and treacherous pathway opens up for him. Tensions rise because of those using their newfound abilities for misdeeds as Chip learns about his magic and himself.

Author's Notes

I came to a point where my enjoyment of any form of media dwindled. I never thought about why until I saw a video of a reviewer harshly talking about something and he said, "I have ideas..." The way he dragged ideaaas really irked me for some reason. Then I realized that was me. I was envious. What's the point in having ideas if I was going to hoard them?

Even in the tough situation I was in, I didn't want to bend and make some cliche-ridden story filled with keywords that the market is currently demanding. I didn't want to proclaim to be reinventing the wheel either. I wanted to capture what I was seeing around me and what I experienced. That feeling of being lost in life and letting the waves carry you.

While making the book, I was heavily inspired by podcasts. I thought about how much a powerful tool conversation is, and sometimes you can get so lost in them and wish you could join in and retort. This inspired the heavy dialogue approach I took. I also wanted the dialogue and characters to be realistic. And I mean real. No holding back. So I became really invested in the dialogue. I said their lines out loud and altered my voice to what I believed they would sound like. And over time I began to question whether I was putting myself into the characters or if I was becoming them.

About N.R. Lovitt

US United States

I used to be crazy about gymnastics, and I still am. My love started when I first saw wrestling. Jumping off the ropes always looked fun as a kid. My cousin used to let me jump off the dresser, fly across the room, and land onto his stomach. Don't worry, his stomach was well guarded by heaps of flesh. Lately, I haven't had much practice to do gymnastics anymore. I was really good in my heyday...

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