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Oleksiy Serdyuk


Oleksiy Serdyuk is a historian, journalist, publicist, designer, the author of several books on history, many articles on historiography and sociology. The simplicity of narration, designer compositions, consisting of a large number of illustrations - this is the signature style of the author. Using such presentation of the material, the author tries not only to keep the attention of the reader but also to inspire him with the idea, set forth in the book.

Books by Oleksiy Serdyuk

Walk On The Planet Earth - Book cover
From Space our planet looks like a small blue ball. But for us it is huge and incomprehensible. We live on a beautiful planet, the Universe rewarded it with towering mountains, vast plains and deserts, deep oceans and seas, thick forests and jungles. For many hundreds of thousands of years the human influenced nature creations and continued bringing something new to the image of our planet.
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