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Walk On The Planet Earth

by Oleksiy Serdyuk  UA Ukraine

March 29, 2021   |    1,008 views    |   0 reviews / comments

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Walk On The Planet Earth - Book coverFrom Space our planet looks like a small blue ball. But for us it is huge and incomprehensible. We live on a beautiful planet, the Universe rewarded it with towering mountains, vast plains and deserts, deep oceans and seas, thick forests and jungles. For many hundreds of thousands of years the human influenced nature creations and continued bringing something new to the image of our planet. Now skyscrapers taller than the tallest trees have grown; channels wider than many rivers flow; deserts are also one of the factors of human influence. We are changing our planet.

Let's take a walk around our planet to see and know all its beauty, diversity and uniqueness.

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