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Paul Boggs


Paul of the Scottish Boggs Family is a Christian, husband, father to four children and descendant of the Christian kings of Dál Riata in Scotland, an ancient Gaelic Irish colony credited with bringing Christianity and literature to Scotland c.500 A.D. For the past twenty-two years Paul has worked as a high-level consultant, throughout the International Community, with entrepreneurs in the nascent stages of their businesses. It was during this time span that he pursued interests, within the Industries of technology, risk capital, alternative medicine, entertainment, and manufacturing. In addition to providing advanced planning solutions, Paul has assisted with the founding and capitalization of several American corporations, as well as three overseas commercial organizations, within Europe, Asia, and Africa. Drawing from that experience, Paul has participated in raising more than $700 million in capital through various investment vehicles, such as private equity, debt equity, and reverse mergers through ‘aged’ companies. Throughout his career, Paul has worked with award winning Hollywood writers and producers, billionaire hi-tech innovators, entertainers, professional athletes, and a myriad of other personalities.

What has always inspired Paul, throughout his career, are the goals which he has set for himself as a leader. Paul has always subscribed to the belief that leadership has much more to do with the impact one is able to make in people’s lives, rather than the fleeting objectives of material gain and personal advancement.

Books by Paul Boggs

Deception - Book Cover
This short ebook covers both the archaeological and historical evidence which shows that our entire planet was once ruled by a totalitarian regime based in ancient Babylon and describes how that system was destroyed by ancient Celts and Picts. I provide modern day evidence that shows how the descendants of these ancient Celtic liberators are being hunted down and systematically exterminated by The Church of Babylon.
Non Fiction > Religion and Spirituality