Paul F. Marzell


Paul Marzell was born and raised in Philadelphia and currently resides in western Pennsylvania with his wife, Janet and Golden Retriever, Nala. He is a United States Air Force veteran and served in West Germany in the early sixties. He earned BSBA and MBA degrees in operations management and financial analysis from Temple University and Golden Gate University. Heimat is his first novel.

Books by Paul F. Marzell

HEIMAT by Paul F. Marzell. WW2 historical fiction. Book cover
Heimat is a saga of the journey of four young men who left Germany in 1929 for the United States to find a better future and leave Germany’s dismal post-World War One economy and humiliation of defeat behind. Matthias, a baker, also went to avoid an intolerable family situation. Josef, a watchmaker, left on a whim to join Matthias. Edo, a tailor, left to escape government-sanctioned anti-Semitism and to prepare for his family’s emigration to follow. And, Feliks, an ethnic Polish, teenager because his family’s farm could not support him.
Fiction > Historical