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Pavel Savchenko


Pavel Savchenko is a businessman, investor, fitness trainer in the past, lives in Russia, placed second in international competition "Zolota Osin" in archery, placed third in Kiev table tennis competition, achieved high results in many other sports, received two master degrees in: systems analysis and decision making; computer science. Studied psychology, lives a healthy lifestyle, helps people to set goals and achieve results, worked with people who have lost the meaning of life.

He also develops applications for people who have mental illness and for those, who want to become a better version of themselves.

"My goal is to maximize the potential of each person, to make everyone, who's willing to work on themselves, enjoy their lives; to teach to have the meaning in everything people do and to simply stop wasting time on actions which seem to not have a purpose; to show everyone that by doing certain things on a regular basis you can wake up in the morning with a smile on your face, waiting for something exciting to happen and just to be happy with yourself."

Books by Pavel Savchenko

Unlazdep: Overcoming Laziness and Depression - Book cover
Have you ever felt that sleeping was your main activity, that starting a new activity would make you spend a lot of time to force yourself to do something, that everything is completely uninteresting for you, have you ever thought that life is meaningless? Have you ever felt that you are tired of everything and that too many problems have fallen on your head? It will be a huge problem to remain in this state of mind.
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