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Petra Antwick


Petra Antwick is an undergraduate psychology student, an older sister to five, and a new author. Her inspiration comes from her personal experiences, as well as the experiences of those to whom she is closest. One of her greatest values is supporting those in need, including those suffering from physical or psychological illness. Petra has bipolar disorder, and four of her siblings have it as well. She knows that people like her can have functional, fulfilling lives with the right treatment. Her hobbies include running long distances, reading, and spending time with her family and her boyfriend. Petra's boyfriend comes from the Middle East, and he has seen terrors there that are reflected in The Hero of Los Angeles. Most of all Petra wants peace for the world, but she recognizes that we are a long way away from that dream.

Books by Petra Antwick

The Hero of Los Angeles - Book cover
Max Smith, a strong but slender boy of sixteen, is the designated Hero of Los Angeles. Los Angeles is the only remaining metropolis in the U.S. that has withstood the force of the mafia government, and it is rapidly going downhill. When President Newbert Pockethand took control of the U.S. government in the year 2030, he turned what had been a democracy into an anarchic dictatorship.
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