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The Hero of Los Angeles

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by Petra Antwick  US United States

June 7, 2017   |    1,344 views    |   0 reviews / comments

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The Hero of Los Angeles - Book coverMax Smith, a strong but slender boy of sixteen, is the designated Hero of Los Angeles. Los Angeles is the only remaining metropolis in the U.S. that has withstood the force of the mafia government, and it is rapidly going downhill. When President Newbert Pockethand took control of the U.S. government in the year 2030, he turned what had been a democracy into an anarchic dictatorship. Max and the other members of the light community seek to resist the oppressive government and save as many lives as possible.
Although he cares about the people of the city, Max cares more for Brenda Gonzalez, who is abused being measure at the hands of the gangs. Everything that he does to protect the city is really an effort to protect her. Brenda urges Max to leave her alone because she believes that she is hopeless, but he is incapable of giving up on saving her life.

Author's Note: 

When Petra Antwick wrote The Hero of Los Angeles, she was experiencing inner turmoil. For most of the time that she was writing the book, she was going through a bipolar depressive episode. The Hero of Los Angeles reflects Petra’s struggle to fight against the darkness within herself and in the world. Petra hopes that her book will inspire others to keep fighting their demons despite all odds. She wants to remind them that they are never alone in their struggles.

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