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P.F. Ryder


I am a litigation lawyer, which means I have spent my life dealing with conflicts of all kinds, from defending murder to protecting the victims of relationship abuse. This has given me a good understanding of the way people of all kinds behave and how some people are able to get what they want by the use of intimidation, i.e. bullying. I am married with three smart children, I love listening to music, mainly classical but my attempts to learn to play the violin failed miserably.

Books by P.F. Ryder

Innocence: A Grace Chibwana Thriller by P.F. Ryder. Book Cover

This is a hard boiled thriller. The central character is Grace Chibwana, a young woman with an African father and European mother. Grace is a fighter, toughened by a history of abuse, prostitution and drug taking before she was rescued, rehabilitated and given commando-style training by a group of soldiers of fortune led by her supposedly dead father.

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