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P.K. Thomas


Many people have turned to reading during the pandemic and have continued to pick up books even as they are getting busier. Reading is a great escape, you can travel to different lands, times, and you can be whoever you want to be as you see the story through the authors’ eyes. It takes a talented author to bring their story to life in a way that grabs the reader and makes them want more. Upcoming local author Patricia Thomas, also known as P.K. Thomas, has done that.

P.K. Thomas is an African American Woman with an unimaginable life story. She has suffered abandonment, cruelty, police brutality and discrimination but has used this to fuel her writing. P.K.’s writing style dances between fantasy and erotica with a twist. Her newest work, “Family In Love” is a new genre unique to P.K. Thomas, erotica/horror.

Books by P.K. Thomas

Extraterrestrial Love - A different world by P.K. Thomas. Book cover
Seyai Narvez, a young alien from planet Oceana, came to Earth since she was a kid, looking for her soul mate. This is a search that every alien has to go through with approval from their Goddess and ruler, Osuarua. After going from state to state and suffering serious heartbreaks, Seyai has lost hope in finding her love. Not to mention, the stress of living in a foreign planet has gotten to her parents, especially her mother.
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