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P.S. Meraux


I mainline coffee and chocolate, worry about the width of my hips and peruse too many cookbooks. I suspect I wouldn't fret about one if I didn't indulge in the other.

I'm also an avid mountain climber, photographer, piano player, karaoke singer, shoe hoarder, seamstress and clothing designer. I do my best writing near Scottish lochs, mountain passes, campfires and at home in Atlanta, Georgia at my massive roll-top desk. I love to play devil's advocate, transporting readers to places where uncommon heroes have good and bad flaws, the girls are full of spunk, the landscape is magical, and the world is alive with possibilities!

I'm always interested in hearing feedback. Reviews, comments and questions are most welcome. Thanks in advance for your time and consideration. Happy reading.

Books by P.S. Meraux

Bellocaro - Book cover
A page-turning novel in the tradition of stories like Twilight or Midnight Sun by Stephenie Meyer, or A Shade of Vampire by Bella Forrest. Bellocaro is a paranormal vampire romance fueled by an unusual mystery and a fight to stay alive. "TWILIGHT MEETS PRIDE AND PREJUDICE" Bellocaro will transport anyone who loves a gripping romance to a new world down South.
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