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Reese Conway


Reese Conway is a family man in his early 30s from England. His favorite hobby is learning about different types of natural medicines. He battled varying health issues, which modern doctors could not explain, even after undergoing different tests the results would come back inconclusive.

Before losing all hope, he researched alternative methods which led him to cupping. After seeing drastic improvements from the use of such natural treatments, he fell in love with an organic lifestyle, juicing regularly and drinking green tea (using raw honey as a sweetener!)

He felt the need to share his experiences through writing books so people could learn how to improve their own health. Reese firmly believes in eating a fresh, wholesome diet to nourish our bodies and using alternative medicines to cure our diseases. Sometimes these methods are not as expensive as modern medical treatments and they generally tend not to have side-effects too.

A proud project he undertook recently was to manually build an incredible office space in his back garden shed. Inside this man-cave, he works on his books and learns all he can about healthy living. Oh, and he also has a standing desk in his office to help alleviate some of his chronic back pain!

Books by Reese Conway

I Need to Quit Sugar by Reese Conway. Book cover

Despite being widely available anywhere anything is sold, sugar is one of the most deadly and addictive substances on the planet. If you know, or merely suspect, that this insidious killer is taking control of your life, then nothing comes handier than I Need to Quit Sugar: Stop Sugar Addiction to Live a Longer, Healthier and Happier Life. It doesn't matter how deep you have drowned into the addiction, but it all depends on your willingness and the focus you put towards achieving the purpose.

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