Riley Reed


My name is Riley Reed. I have started writting books when i was 15 but i have first published only a year ago. I have written all my books based on the fairytales i have told my brothers. My hobbies include painting, making jewelry out of polymeric clay and procrastinating from my work.

Books by Riley Reed

Ethan and The Homeless Kitten - Book cover
On one grumpy day, Ethan found a cute, little kitten. The kitten was frightened and very cold, so our hero wanted to give him a hand, or rarher a paw. However, how will Ethan take care of a kitten if he doesn't take care of himself? Will Ethan be able to give the kitten a home? What will Mom say? If you want to find out: Come and join Ethan, have fun with a Kitten and colour the extra pictures just for you! Marvelous pictures, charming poems and lovely songs - all in one amazing book!
Fiction > Children