Ethan and The Homeless Kitten

Ethan and The Homeless Kitten by Riley Reed - Book cover.

29 September, 2019

On one grumpy day, Ethan found a cute, little kitten.
The kitten was frightened and very cold, so our hero wanted to give him a hand, or rather a paw.

However, how will Ethan take care of a kitten if he doesn't take care of himself?

Will Ethan be able to give the kitten a home?

What will Mom say?

If you want to find out: Come and join Ethan, have fun with a Kitten and colour the extra pictures just for you!
Marvelous pictures, charming poems and lovely songs - all in one amazing book!

This book is beautifully illustrated. Both you and your kids will love those bright and colourful pictures.

The author, Riley Reed, created this book to motivate kids to be responsible, clean up their room and help their parents.

You see, this story is so funny, it will surely pull out a bunch of giggles out of your kids.

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Genre: Fiction > Children


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