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Robert D Turvil


I like to take intriguing and unusual ideas and spin them into stories with an edge. For me, most fascinating was the chance to explore some compelling human questions, not least: is there an unavoidable bet, a wager we all have to make about what lies beyond human life?
Imagine what it would be like to have all your life memories vanish, to barely remember your name. Frightening! But that's what happens to Ronald in 'The After Death Afterlife of Ronald Foster'.
In a sense, he's given a clean slate, yet he doesn't see it that way. He lets himself be ruled by lust, anger and greed in a world in which normality has been turned on its head and stamped on.
Many people don't believe in life after life - in any kind of afterlife, after death, or heaven and hell - but many do. Death and dying are often taboo subjects, yet what happens next is something that faces everyone.
As I said, it was fascinating to explore some compelling human questions. 'The After Death Afterlife of Ronald Foster' offers an enthralling possibility. I wonder how I'd react to Ronald's situation. I wonder how you would.

Books by Robert D Turvil

The After Death Afterlife of Ronald Foster (book) by Robert D Turvil
How would you feel if all your memories suddenly vanished? Ronald Foster panics, big time. Convinced that someone else is to blame, he sets out to track them down, determined to make them pay for hurling his life into torment. He wants revenge, but what happens next turns him into his own worst enemy.
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