Robert Hayness


I am a traveler, researcher of life, musician, artist, and writer.

For many years I have been involved in bodybuilding, strongman, and powerlifting. My maximum results that I have reached are squat – 405 lbs, deadlift – 485 lbs, and bench press – 300 lbs, without using any kind of drugs. When I began to get involved in sports, I also started to study questions of a diet. This topic is very interesting and controversial.

I used to occupy myself with spearfishing, diving, and freediving. I didn’t do any special exercises for this, but at that time I was able to hold my breath for 4 minutes.

A few years ago, I was very involved in music. It is interesting to study arrangements and composition.I play the guitar, piano and sing. In the future I plan to record my own album. I do not know yet whether it will be vocal-instrumental or only an instrumental album.

By my education, I am an architect and it was very interesting to learn. We studied drawing, interior design, design planning, art, and many other creative and technical subjects. Although I didn’t end up working in this profession, my work is all the same connected with the creation of something new in various spheres. That is my point in life, to create!

I really love nature and all animals. Our world is so wonderful and varied, it is such an interesting and limitless place to explore.

I like psychology and philosophy. I do not like to read books about these topics, I rather look for answers in my thoughts and in communication with people. I also like to look for cause-effect connection in people’s behavior and in general in all phenomena in the world.

I am really interested in making books. Beginning with the text, development of the design of the cover and pictures until I put it all together inside the book, and the selection of the font, so that the book was interesting, entertaining, and comforting. I want to gift you the pleasure of reading and owning my books!

Books by Robert Hayness

42 Recipes Smoothies - Book cover
This book is not simply a collection of very healthy and tasty smoothie recipes that give us energy and health, for me it is something more. In creating it, I fully dove into the creative process, put my whole soul into choosing the very best recipes, and felt special feelings as I created the cover and design of the composition so that you can enjoy not only the tasty smoothies but also so that it brought joy to your eyes to see the product you have acquired.
Non Fiction > Cookbooks, Food & Wine