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42 Recipes Smoothies

by Robert Hayness  US United States

July 25, 2018   |    1,039 views    |   0 reviews / comments

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42 Recipes Smoothies - Book coverThis book is not simply a collection of very healthy and tasty smoothie recipes that give us energy and health, for me it is something more. In creating it, I fully dove into the creative process, put my whole soul into choosing the very best recipes, and felt special feelings as I created the cover and design of the composition so that you can enjoy not only the tasty smoothies but also so that it brought joy to your eyes to see the product you have acquired.

I don't want this book to just become another recipe book in your collection, I want it to awaken your imagination and your own creative beginning, and stir up pleasant memories and emotions in you. I will be happily waiting to hear back from you!


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