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Robert Scott


Hello! I'm a psychology coach and an entrepreneur. When I have free time, I really love writing books.
In my books, I offer a unique plan of action for each specific aspect of your life: finances, health, and personal relations. Unlike many other books and manuals for personal growth, my books offer real solutions and clear actions which can be used to solve real issues. As a result, instead of reading popular strategies, which are rarely really useful in the real world, you will get practical information, which can be implemented right away in the current conditions of your life, no matter what the circumstances are.
If this sounds interesting to you, please take a look at my books offered on this page.

Books by Robert Scott

What Rich People Will Never Do - Book cover
You are able to immerse into the psychology of wealthy people. You need to copy their behavior in order to become wealthy like them. This book contains 15 'red flags' which are the things strictly avoided by really rich and successful people (that's what sets the rich and poor people apart). In addition to the information about things to avoid, you will learn about special wealth keys (things, which have to be done in each specific situation).
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