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Rodney Richards


A professional business and technical writer since his 20s, words are his passion, poetry his avocation, and his business helping writers perfect and publish their works. His philosophy is that everyone has a story and they should tell it, and his mission is to help do that. He's authored two books, one a bipolar experience memoir, and 100 essays with suggested solutions to troubling problems. Volume 2 with his next 100 essays is due out in 2022.

Books by Rodney Richards

Coffee, Cigarettes, Death and Mania by Rodney Richards. Book cover
Rodney recounts firsthand experiences and unbelievable scenarios while out of his rational mind and completely absorbed within the clutches of mania. The delusions, scenes, hallucinations, and exploits are real and as frighteningly extreme as they are sometimes dangerous. At one time he believes he is King of the World, at another the return of Jesus Christ and all the Prophets. On a plane flying 30,000 feet over the Atlantic he almost succeeds in opening the door.
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