Coffee, Cigarettes, Death & Mania

Rodney recounts firsthand experiences and unbelievable scenarios while out of his rational mind and completely absorbed within the clutches of mania. The delusions, scenes, hallucinations, and exploits are real and as frighteningly extreme as they are sometimes dangerous. At one time he believes he is King of the World, at another the return of Jesus Christ and all the Prophets. On a plane flying 30,000 feet over the Atlantic he almost succeeds in opening the door. In a staid midnight British dinner party he strolls naked among the guests pooh-poohing their laughter. With only thirty dollars cash and a credit card he flies from Newark airport to London, to Rome, then to Tel Aviv, all the while on a mission that will revolutionize the world. It's a question if he even has the wits to make it back home on his own.

In his Epilogue he makes the immediate and dire case to institute a program of universal MentalCare for everyone, as 12 million others in the US alone suffer bipolar like him, and hundreds of mental diseases wreck havoc with social norms across the globe.

Author's Notes

From the age of 14 when since roaming the city streets of New Jersey's capital city looking for trouble, until settling down in a rewarding career full of national awards, and raising a family with spiritual and moral values, Rodney has experienced what many have not, and has lived to tell the tale honestly and rawly. Its been a rollercoaster ride sometimes with no bar to keep him in his seat, and he has been thrown from dithering heights to fend for himself. Now a professional editor and publisher, he use those experiences and knowledges gained to help writers craft the best words they can to produce interesting, entertaining, and thrilling books.

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Genre: Non Fiction > Memoir & Biographies

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ISBN: 9781734108408

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