Ronnell Beaty


Ronnell Beaty is a writer, and author of poetry. One of his current goals is to continue to always write poetry. Because that's something he really likes doing. Especially when he really feels it; and that's when his imagination, and energy through writing kicks in. That's what he really loves about himself. He believes his most impressive achievement in his life right now is: being an author for the first time with his published poetry book called: (It Is What It Is, Because It Never Was, And What Never Was, Can Never Be). His second achievement in his life is: based on his second new published poetry book called: (What A Dream). He hopes these poetry books challenge you, uplift you, make you really think, and encourages you to do what you know is right. So he leaves you with this note; thank you kindly... And nothing but peace...

Books by Ronnell Beaty

What A Dream: My Subconscious Poetry by Ronnell Beaty. Book cover
Are you struggling with finding peace of mind? Would you like to discover more peace than you can find? Well, this poetry book is for you... Thee Age Of Enlightenment - is the first clue... Stay encouraged. Do you need encouragement? This poetry book is for you... I'm Going To Start Writing Again - is the second clue... This book is about 10 different topics written in the form of poetry containing clues... This new style of written poetry is exciting to see.
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