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Looking for a great poetry book to read? Looking for poems for the heart and soul? This directory of poetry books written by talented poets will satisfy all tastes and readers. Whether you are searching for poetry and prose collection about life, the world, friends, relationships, romance and love, you will find it all in here at


by / IN India

The book is a photographic and poetical Sabbath of a spiritual seeker’s journey which takes him across landscapes of his own self, unfolding a new hue of colors and projections as he travels by. The various ecstasies, challenges, mystical experiences, dilemmas, and realizations outburst from his persona at different points on his timeline and make him eligible to become a wholesome and enlightened human being.


Musings of the Awakening Soul - Book cover
by / CA Canada

Haiku are unrhymed poems consisting of about 17 syllables spread over three lines. This poetry form started in Japan and has been very popular in many countries around the world for decades. Haiku force you to be concise. They teach you impactfulness. As such, they are the embodiment of the "Show don't tell" technique. A technique that allows readers to experience stories in a more personal and meaningful manner.


Walks: A Collection of Haiku - Book cover
by / GB United Kingdom

Freya has always expressed herself through poetry, whether it's haiku or elfje or longer forms such as villanelle. She has invented her own form of poetry called "Freyan Verse" which, she says, is akin to creating a painting ... She loves poetry because it is so versatile and allows her to be real and express herself truly. This Is Me is Freya's first anthology, containing 3 volumes of poetry; Insides, My Mythology & This Is Me.


This Is Me - Book cover
by / US United States

This highly-accessible, dynamic collection offers existential ponderings, comic situations, poetic meditations on death, musical riffs, political commentary, striking imagery and more. The 45 poems in this collection represent a range of styles and subject matter. 18 of these poems were previously published in such journals as Antigonish Review, Grain Magazine, Arsenic Lobster, Dash, Spillway, The Charles Carter, Downtown Brooklyn, and many, many more.


Butterflies Lost Within The Crooked Moonlight - Book cover
by / US United States

This book reveals the beauty of life and simplicity of Christ to the broken and lost souls of humanity and to the ordinary person traveling through their day. This book may be small but do not let the size fool you. It will take you on a journey of which when you return you will be changed softer more flexible and you realize the part you have is important.


Inspirations from Heaven's Gate - Book cover
by / US United States

This is a book of poetry. Between the pages are bible verses sprinkled throughout the book. This is book full of hope and encouragement for daily living.


Godly Inspirations for the Troubled Soul - Book cover
by / US United States

In "Life & Everything After," Doc Wallace delivers a fascinating insight into daily life with fun and sometimes frightening trips into the beyond. Aside from beautifully penned poems of LIFE and LOVE, you'll find a unique blend of science, fantasy, and the afterlife. Frequently referred to as a modern-day Edgar Allen Poe, in his SCARY poems, Doc delves into the macabre in ways unimaginable.


Life & Everything After - Book cover
by / US United States

Heaven by Robert Segarra is a poem about ideals. It is a poem about the ideals we can all aspire to, whether they be societal or human in nature. It is an especially subjective poem that means different things to different individuals reading it.


Heaven - a poem by Robert Segarra
by / US United States

A short collection of dark free-verse poetry on such themes as homicide, missing-persons cases, guilt, abuse, blame, estrangement, grief, trauma, dead family pets, classic cinema, violence in the media, mental health, and anger. In an observant and precise manner, the poet describes the hidden horrors of modern society.


Gutter Sludge - Book Cover
by / IN India

A book that brings the feelings of Love and Pain, through verses. None of us have been untouched by love, or by pain. What better way to express love and the pain it brings in words and lines, with a rhythm!


Love & Pain ... in verses (book) by Syeda F R


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