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Rosalind R. Giles


Born in Chicago, but influenced by the world, I have recently broken free of the stronghold that the world once had on me. I am now reaping the immeasurable blessings of love, life, strength and loyalty. As I share each day wit my children and husband, and I reminded of the pure beauty that exists in the world. Once a believer of few things, I now believe that anything is possible, especially my own dreams. Journey into my new world and take a look around. While life is not perfect, it is far from what I've lived before. Becoming accustomed to change is a daily process that I am learning to master.

Books by Rosalind R. Giles

Strength and Loyalty (poetry book) by Rosalind R. Giles
Continuing the journey, from her first collection "I once belonged to the world", wonder into to world beyond. Here is a compilation of intense poems, from which Giles has again invited us into her raw verses of life. This is an ideal book for young adults and older. Each of the 21 poems are touching in a different way; some offering intellectual stimulation, while others call emotions to action.
Fiction > Poetry
This collection of poems reflects one woman's journey from being a lost child, to finding new beginnings. Stops along the way include encouragement and forgiving self. Here, Giles beautifully expresses some of the love, hate, praise and pain that she has experienced thus far in life.
Fiction > Poetry